How to Sell Online: The What, Where and How of Running an Ecommerce Business


However, you don’t have to experience that trouble as an online shopper. More people prefer online shopping over traditional in-store methods because of the benefits of online shopping. It’s convenient, and you can find the items that you may not be able to get from the local stores. US online shopping has been growing in popularity over the past few years, as evidenced by the increasing number of people choosing to purchase goods and services over the internet.

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Just think of the checkout line of your favorite store and all the extra stuff you threw in the shopping cart on the way out. The good news for ecommerce is that 54% of impulse purchases happen online. Online retailers can aid product discovery by promoting items that are likely to appeal to their customers. From Amex Offers to Rakuten to Honey, there are many ways to save when shopping online. Many of the major credit card companies have statement credits or bonus points you can get from clicking through their sites to the retailer, such as Amex Offers, Capital One Offers or Chase Offers. Websites like Rakuten offer cash back for clicking through from its site, and Honey searches for coupons. I, myself, have missed out on getting additional perks and savings by forgetting to check cash back and points options, especially on automatic renewals like yearly Dropbox or Kindle Unlimited subscriptions.

How Can Brick-and-Mortar Stores Compete With Online Retailers?

However, the rise of the internet in the late 20th century marked a significant shift in this dynamic. A vast digital landscape unfolded, presenting unparalleled opportunities for commerce. E-commerce platforms emerged, providing a virtual marketplace where consumers could browse and buy at the click of a button. This digital transformation was not just a phase; it became an integral part of the modern shopping experience. In fact, forecasts indicate that the global e-commerce market will reach a staggering $6.3 trillion by 2023.

Self-endorsing in digital advertisements: using virtual selves to persuade physical selves

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Additionally, these tactics also give you the possibility to improve your sales funnel while gaining new customers. People spend an average of 2 hours each day using social media, and consumers like and follow businesses they enjoy on various social media platforms. This allows them to get regular updates about businesses’ products and services in the form of photos, videos, product descriptions, and links to blog posts and other informative web pages. Social media opens up new opportunities to interact with consumers and provide the best customer service possible, which is why it’s important for businesses to build and maintain an active online presence. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also make it easy to share content, which allows businesses to post engaging content and encourage their fans and followers to share it on their own timelines. Consumers want to find businesses on social media so they can get answers to their questions, read reviews from other users, and promote the brands they love to their own friends and followers.


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This can be useful for checking email, messages, browsing the Internet, and other online activities. But using public Wi-Fi to sign in to a private account is a big security risk.

It was dropping the price of its cashmere sweaters by $25, because they now cost less to make. “Radical transparency,” Everlane founder and CEO Michael Preysman calls the approach. Buyers were forced to accept, or not accept, the one price imposed by the price tag (an invention credited to the retail pioneer John Wanamaker). What retailers ceded—the ability to exploit customers’ varying willingness to pay—was arguably greater, as the extra money some people would have paid could no longer be captured as profit. But they made the bargain anyway, for a combination of moral and practical reasons.