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If you’re stumped, try Shopify’s free domain name generator and run your ideas through a tool like Namechk to see if your business name ideas are available on social and as a domain. When choosing your ecommerce software, consider your current and future needs.

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This way of discovering and buying items will make Snapchat more than just a social network. Snapchat will become a real online store where any brand can sell its products. On Pinterest, users can share pins, leave comments, like content and all that other cool, social stuff – but you can also search for items and topics as if you’re on a browser. That’s a really powerful set up with lots of potential for retailers as Pinterest continues to focus on using the latest tech to make the platform even more appealing. According to the Census Bureau’s Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS), online shopping now makes up over $800 billion in sales.

·         Access to customer data

There are a number of other things that novice vendors might do that compromise your payment information. But more often than not, it’s what they don’t do that can really put you in a bind. Study the information below and you’ll have a much better sense of what standards you should have for any vendor you do business with, as well as what payment options are optimal for privacy. Jocelyn Guardado currently serves as Content Strategist at PaymentCloud. She leverages her expertise in marketing, SEO, and social media to empower merchants in enhancing their eCommerce ventures. With a versatile background spanning music, entertainment, food and beverage, and payments industries, her insights bring a unique perspective to content marketing. The path starts with raising personal awareness by considering cybersecurity courses and learning the fundamentals of safe online behavior on your own.

Start driving more revenue through a great post-purchase experience

Mapping the online shopping journey is the process of identifying and understanding the steps a customer goes through when shopping online. With this information, you can improve your customer experience and grow your business. Customers expect a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable online shopping journey from start to finish. By understanding and improving your store’s online shopping journey you can better meet the needs of your customers, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce returns.


Here are some examples of how online shopping can provide therapeutic value for customers:


This idea is stated fluently in “Men Buy, Women Shop”, a report in the Journal of Decision Making. This appeared in an article stating the idea above after research was conducted with 250 respondents. The piece says, “Women tend to be more astute consumers than men, simply because they are willing to invest more time and energy necessary to research and compare products.” Men vs women and their online shopping attitudes that’s what we’re zeroing in on here. By and large, the sexes vary in perceiving, thinking, managing tactics, planning, and even in decision-making.

Pay later options also became popular, letting customers only pay once they’re sure they’re keeping their latest purchase. With conversational commerce, retailers can reimagine the online shopping experience for their customers, allowing them to engage at critical moments in the buyer consideration and purchase decision journey. Customers can chat with and get information from sales or customer service reps, and they can directly click-to-buy all from within their choice of social communication tool or channel. Retailers benefit from commercial commerce by using communication channels, like live chat, to interact with customers on a two-way and often real-time basis (unlike email). The engagement helps to improve customer service, personalization, and convenience – everything that typically facilitates moving customers quickly through the purchase funnel. E-commerce has transformed the retail industry, offering consumers convenience, personalized experiences, and access to a global marketplace. The rise of online shopping has prompted traditional retailers to adapt and embrace digital innovation to remain relevant.

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