How Profitable is Property Management: Is it Worth It?


Founder and CEO Anant Yardi built that first program because he owned a few properties in Santa Barbara and wanted specialized software to manage them. What started as a personal project evolved into one of the most prominent names in real estate technology companies worldwide. It started as a family-owned business, and 40 years later, Yardi Systems remains a family-owned business. Thankfully, the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 (the latter of which includes the Fair Housing Act) and other legislative actions were passed to rectify some of these socio-economic issues.

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They advertise vacancies, conduct tenant screenings, and handle all the paperwork involved in bringing in new residents. They have the experience and know-how to attract quality tenants and ensure a low vacancy rate. Most property management companies charge a percentage of the monthly rental income, while some ask for a flat fee. It means that for most property managers, their salaries depend on the revenue they generate for landlords or Airbnb hosts, which in turn relies on the rental rates. Include SMART goals to zero in on what your property management company aims to achieve.

You can expect most of your revenue to come from management fees, which is usually a percentage of the rent charged. Keeping track of your owners’ properties can be basic as updating a spreadsheet (although we don’t recommend that). There are comprehensive property management accounting platforms, however, that can not only help you keep track of rent and fees, but can monitor expenses and pay regular bills.

If you have multiple properties with Nomadic, you’ll see the address for each transaction in the “Location” column:

They ensure that landlords are in compliance with all legal requirements, such as fair housing laws, tenant rights, and property safety standards. Some property owners might prefer to hire an individual property manager instead of a company. These individuals often provide similar services as a property management company and can provide more personalized service for the owner’s specific needs. There are also full-service property management companies who will do it all. When property managers take on these tasks and do them well, it takes a huge burden off of the property owner.

Since there are so many different kinds of fees that can be charged to property owners, we will be going over the most commonly found ones here in this guide. Below, we will discuss the various kinds of fees that property managers charge in order to make money. Once you have your company set, it is important to think about how you are going to begin making money. One of the main ways that you will be making money is by charging fees. As a property manager, there are many things that you can charge a fee for, and it is important to have this structure clearly laid out. Now that you are clear about what a property management company is, and what it does, let’s discuss the different ways that this kind of company can make money.

How to Get Into Property Management

You should be wary of managers who claim to be able to handle any sort of property. Plus, you get to establish relationships with property owners and renters who could buy or sell in the future.

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Read more about Property Management Bristol here. Let’s say you’re good with numbers, so you decide to handle all the accounting, but you’re not super handy with tools or repairs. In that case, you can hire a building superintendent to handle all repairs. Or vice versa, you handle the groundskeeping and hire an accountant to oversee the finances. When issues do arise, landlords should always keep the tenant informed of the steps being taken to make the situation right.

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