3 Ways to Maintain Your Car’s Paint Protection Film


It should not be raised after stretching to avoid the formation of air bubbles under the film. Read more about Lackschutzfolierung Auto here. When the material is elevated, the likelihood of uneven stretching increases because it absorbs heat more quickly. A failed application is indicated by broken lines or reflections on the final installation surface. Several layers of material are infused into the self-healing protective films, each acting as a barrier to keep harmful impurities or chemicals out. It also provides better stain resistance and reduces paint damage from stone chips.

Car paint protection film how

The self healing coat of the PPF clear bra and STEALTH film has been designed to repair itself from light scratches and swirl marks from road debris, car wash etc. However, if a piece of debris has penetrated the clear film, it will not self heal. The only way to treat the film would be to get the piece of film replaced. In the end, paint protection film is a great way to keep a car looking its best and one of many products available for owners who want their ride to look its very best at all times. Before you begin the installation, make sure you have gathered all the needed materials for the job. You will need the paint protection film (which you can get from your local auto parts store or online), a lint-free cloth, a squeegee, and spray adhesives.

Q.A paint sealant was previously applied to my vehicle, can I have PPF clear bra installed over this protectant?

Dents from rocks, scratches from debris, and bug acid from, well, bugs, all contribute to diminishing your car’s overall value and appearance. The sun’s UV rays, along with road rash, including rocks, pebbles, road debris, winter salt and sand, can greatly damage your vehicle’s integrity and can ultimately lead to a lower resale value. Tint World®’s Computer Cut System digitally generates and cuts paint protection film patterns that fit your vehicle. Installation is performed by expert technicians, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

What is spray-on paint protection film?

The Prius is an economical and environmentally friendly car that’s been popular since its introduction in the early 2000s. As a hybrid, it’s no surprise that many Prius owners live in urban areas with heavy traffic. Between gridlock and potholes, Prius drivers need all the protection they can get.

The Works Auto Center’s XPEL PPF Installation in Rexford, NY

As the film ages, it starts yellowing and cracking, resulting in reduced protection and worsened aesthetics. The yellowing layer is usually adhesive, so replacing the film is the only solution. It is used on two occasions, – when the car is matte, and the owner is looking to protect it. Or when the car is gloss, but the owner wants to change the look as well as add protection. In case of matte PPF on a gloss car Partial PPF wrap is out of the question, since wrapped parts will look completely different from non wrapped. XPEL ARMOR provides a textured, bed-liner aesthetic in an easy-to-apply film that’s 13 mils thick.